Instructions for authors

Authors can submit abstracts related to simulated data analysis or to other subjects that fit the general topics of the Workshop.

The submission of abstracts is until Friday May 11.

The abstract should not exceed 350 words and may be structured into separate sections headed: Background, Results and Conclusions.
Do not use abbreviations, figures or tables in the abstract.
The number of cited references should be kept to a minimum.
The abstract must fit into one page for those who have analysed simulated data set, please send us:

results - breeding values

format (text file):

  • column 1: individual_ID
  • column 2: breeding value trait 1
  • column 3: accuracy trait 1(if available)
  • column 4: breeding value trait 2
  • column 5: accuracy trait 2(if available)
  • column 6: breeding value trait 3
  • column 7: accuracy trait 3(if available)


results - qtls
for each of the three traits please provide a text file containing

format (text file):

  • column 1: chromosome number
  • column 2: position
  • column 3: qtl effect on the trait


Other results regarding genetic architecture of the traits can be described in a separate text file.

Please e-mail your files as attachments to the following address: acarta@agrisricerca.it