Final Program

Thursday may 24th

9:00-9:30. Welcome and Registration

9:30-13.00 Free communications. Chairman A. Carta

9:30-10:30 Invited talk.
J. Cole. Fine-mapping of QTL using high-density SNP genotypes

S. Casu, MG. Usai, T. Sechi, S. Salaris, S. Sechi, S. Miari, GB Congiu, G. Mulas, M. Casula, A. Carta . Fine mapping of QTL for milk traits in a complex dairy sheep experimental population

I. Van den Berg, D. Boichard. The influence of heritability, number of QTL and number of records on QTL mapping with Bayes C(π)

11:00 – 11:30.  Coffee break

N. Bacciu, L. Bomba ,E.L. Nicolazzi, M. Milanesi, P. Ajmone-Marson.  Linkage disequilibrium in BTA6 for the Italian Holstein breed using a 54k and 800k SNPchip

M. Tuiskula-Haavisto, I. Dunn, M.i Honkatukia, R. Preisinger, M. Schmutz, D.J. de Koning, J. Vilkki. Fine mapping of egg shell quality trait loci in an F2 population.

D. Jonas, C. Hozé  and P. Croiseau. Implementation and test of a new LDLA model to detect and localize QTL with a higher accuracy.

N.. Macciotta, R. Steri, G. Marras., J.B. Cole..  Multivariate analysis of genomic correlation matrices

C. Dimauro, M. Cellesi, S. Sorbolini, Use of Canonical discriminant analysis to select SNP for traceability purposes

C. Hoze, M.N. Fouilloux, E. Venot, F. Guillaume, L. Journaux, D. Boichard, F. Phocas, S. Fritz, V. Ducrocq, P. Croiseau. High density chip brings new opportunities for multi-breed genomic evaluations in dairy cattle

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-17.15 Common data set: methods for QTL detection and association analysis - Chairman Nicola P.P. Macciotta

G.R. Dashab and M. Rokouei. The effect of Random Haplotype Method on resolution of QTL.
V. Riggio and R. Pong-Wong. Regional Heritability Mapping to identify loci underlying genetic variation of complex traits
C. Grosse-Brinkhaus, S. Bergfelder, E. Tholen.  Genome wide association analysis of the QTLmas2012 data investigating pleiotropy.
G. Minozzi, E.L. Nicolazzi, A. Pedretti, S. Biffani, and J. Williams. Genome Wide Association Analysis of QTLMAS 2012 Data
G. Catillo, B. Moioli, F. Napolitano .QTL detection and estimation of their effect using three different methodologies
E. García-Gámez, B. Gutiérrez-Gil, J.P.  Sánchez and J.J.  Arranz Association analysis of the MAS-QTLXVI data set using the DMU software package

16:00-16:30 Coffe break

O. Demeure, O. Filangi, H.Gilbert, C. Moreno, A. Legarra, J.M. Elsen and P. Le Roy. Linkage analysis of the XVIth QTLMAS dataset using QTLMAP
M. Saatchi, R.L. Fernando and D.J. Garrick. QTL mapping and prediction of direct genomic breeding value using 1 Mb SNP windows and Bayesian inference
B. Karacaƶren. Association analyses of QTL-MAS 2012 dataset using Generalized least squares, Principal Components and Discordant Sib-Pair Methodologies

20:30 Social Dinner at “Andreini Restaurant” Via Ardoino, 45  07041 Alghero Sassari (Tel. 079 982098)


Friday may 25th

9.30:11.00 Common data set: methods for genomic evaluation - Chairman  S. Casu

9:30-10:30 Invited Talk
T. Meuwissen.  Accuracy of Genomic Evaluation
J. O. Ogutu, T. Schulz-Streeck, H.-P. Piepho. Efficiency of regularized regression methods for genomic selection.
R. Pong-Wong. Estimation of genomic breeding values using the Horseshoe prior

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:30 Common data set: Comparative analysis of results

A. Carta, S. Casu, M.G. Usai.  Investigating the nature of SNP effects  on fat and protein contents.
- M.G. Usai Simulated data and Comparative analysis of submitted results on QTL mapping and applied methods
G. Gaspa Comparative analysis of submitted results on genomic evaluation and applied methods
General Discussion

13:30-14:30.   Lunch